Municipality of Senja

Rødbergodden is close to Senja, also called the “new Lofoten” and “Norway in miniature”, and will in the near future be a part this municipality. Senja offers furthermore summits, biking tours, kayaking and fishing possibilites.


Boat: High-speed craft From Tennskjær, a 10-15 minutes car/bus ride from Rødbergodden, there is a high-speed craft route to Tromsø
Cities closeby Finnsnes – approximately 40 minutes car/bus ride
Airport 1 hour drive from Bardufoss airport.

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Northern Norway: Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja, Tromsø Municipality: Senja, Finnsnes, Tromsø Peninsula: Lenvikhalvøya Area: Rødbergodden / Shoreline red

Shoreline Red


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